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The long-time political insider recently allowed nearly $15,000 of OUR tax dollars to be spent for improper political purposes and the questionable legal bills used to cover up unethical behavior by one of his County Board allies. 

We at Milwaukee Works, Inc. are tired of Courthouse insiders like Supervisor Lipscomb betraying our trust for their own benefit.

  1. Lipscomb’s ally uses taxpayer dollars spent on partisan political mail.

In March of 2014, Supervisor Lipscomb’s right-hand-man, Supervisor John Weishan spent thousands of tax dollars to send a political mailer to voters in Waukesha County. At the time of the mailing, it was unclear why a Milwaukee County Supervisor would be spending Milwaukee taxpayer money to send political mail to Waukesha voters. This question was quickly resolved: Not long after sending that letter, Supervisor Weishan announced he was running for state assembly in the same district of Waukesha County where he just sent the letter. You just can’t make this stuff up.

  1. Lipscomb takes no action – tacitly approves use of taxpayer money for political mail.

The issue outraged citizens across Milwaukee and was covered extensively by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. However, Supervisor Weishan’s chief ally, Supervisor Lipscomb, stayed silent – even though at the time Supervisor Lipscomb chaired the County Board committee that oversaw the issue of the political mail controversy.

  1. An “independent” Ethics Committee finds probable cause of ethics violation.

Despite Supervisor Lipscomb’s failure to protect the taxpayers and questionable ethics by taking no action on Supervisor Weishan’s malfeasance, the County’s Ethics Committee found probable cause to investigate the issue.

  1. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel documents Lipscomb ally’s bully tactics during his Ethic’s Committee Hearing.

During an Ethics Hearing this past summer the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that Weishan “went berserk”, yelling at members of the volunteer Ethics Committee who include a reverend from an Episcopal Church. The Journal Sentinel reported “Along with calling the board members bastards and sons of bitches, Weishan said, God-(expletive) you! in response to a question from the reverend.”

  1. Supervisor Lipscomb successfully pushes plan to pay his ally’s nearly $10,000 attorney’s fees.

Though all this controversy and apparent bad acts, Supervisor Lipscomb remained noticeably silent. However that changed in October, when, he put forward a plan to have taxpayers cover Supervisor Weishan’s nearly $10,000 in attorney’s fees to defend the ethics complaint! Again, you just can’t make this stuff up.

Supervisor Lipscomb attempted to sneak the plan through committee without notice, but fortunately the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel picked up on it and reported a story titled, “Taxpayers on hook for County Supervisor John Weishan’s legal tab.” In the story, Supervisor Lipscomb defended the move and tried to justify the use of County tax dollars to pay for private attorney’s for himself and his friends on the County Board.

What’s worse: No accounting of the how the fees were earned have been released to the public.

There is a small silver lining. One Supervisor, Tony Staskunas, did stand up for us citizens and voted against the giveaway.

Staskunas AdThanks to Supervisor Lipscomb’s actions, Milwaukee County taxpayers like you have now had to cough up nearly $15,000 for his political ally’s inappropriate and unethical behavior. That’s money that can’t be used for better parks, plowed roads or more public safety.

The whole affair also tells the story of business as usual at the Milwaukee County Board, a place where insiders and cronies benefit and the rest of us are left holding the bill.

We’ve had enough of this kind of behavior. Haven’t you? We need to act together to hold our elected officials accountable. Here are our five suggestions to help with this cause:

  1. Call Supervisor Lipscomb at 414-278-4222 and demand that he and his political allies pay back the nearly $15,000 in misused taxpayer money. Or call Supervisor Tony Staskunas at 414-278-4247 and thank him for voting against the giveaway.
  2. Join our organization’s email list for periodic updates on clean government actions.
  3. Send us tips of corruption, government waste and ineffective policies. We are an independent, volunteer organization. The best way to keep elected officials accountable is to share information on their actions. We’d also like tips of instances where elected officials did the right thing and stood up to the pressure of special interests and insider cronyism.
  4. Forward this link to another concerned citizen.