The Estabrook Dam Must Go – Action Needed Now

As the Milwaukee Riverkeeper organization has demonstrated, removing the Estabrook Dam would improve Milwaukee River’s water quality while saving millions of taxpayer dollars.

Despite the overwhelming evidence of the damage caused by the dam and the vast number of environmental and neighborhood groups calling for its removal, former County Board Supervisor Chris Larson and his political friends (notably his State Senate campaign Treasurer, Supervisor Theo Lipscomb and Supervisor Jason Haas, his hand-picked successor on the County Board) have spent years blocking removal efforts.

While on the County Board, Larson repeatedly voted to keep the dam up. Since Larson left the County Board, his political allies have continued to use legislative tricks to ignore public input and refused to enact commonsense policy.
Moreover, in the State Senate, Chris Larson has taken no action on the dam – and has had zero success in passing any environmental protections.

It’s time to tell him and Theo Lipscomb to start acting on behalf the community and our natural environment, not their political interests.

The good news – there’s a time for action on this issue.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has scheduled a meeting for March 22, 2016 to take public input on the future of dam. Residents are encouraged to go to the meeting to have their voices heard. Interested persons can fill out a petition that calls for the dams removal and they should call Senator Larson and their Milwaukee County Board member and tell them to remove the dam – Because Milwaukee deserves clean water.