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The Milwaukee County Board is no stranger to waste, fraud and abuse. Whether it’s approving the pension backdrop that benefited a handful of Courthouse insiders with six figure pension payouts or lavish spending on trips and perks for themselves, the County Board’s actions created a massive taxpayer-owed deficit while eroding trust in government.

In 2014, Milwaukee County voters went to the polls and overwhelmingly (71% to 29%) approved a series of reforms that put the Milwaukee County Board in line with every other county in Wisconsin.

Unfortunately the insiders who benefited from the waste, fraud and abuse are fighting the reforms, including State Senator Chris Larson. As a former County Board member, Larson benefited from the pre-reform perks and now he’s trying to undo the actions put in place by a democratically held vote.

Milwaukeeans should let Larson and the other State Legislators know that we oppose undoing our County Board Reforms.