It’s time for the Milwaukee County Board members to stop playing politics, and start doing their job.

This Thursday, September 22nd, the Milwaukee County board will be voting on whether to reappoint Milwaukee County Director of Health & Human Services, Hector Colon.

Several members of the board are using this vote as an opportunity to exact political revenge and putting petty politics in front of serving the people of Milwaukee County.

Since taking over the Department of Health & Human Services, Hector has made numerous reforms in Milwaukee County.  Due to Hector’s leadership, Milwaukee County has seen:

  • A top to bottom reform of the county’s mental health system
  • Increased and more efficient services for citizens in need of County assistance
  • A 70% decrease in Milwaukee County’s chronically homeless population
  • The elimination of a 30 year waiting list of Milwaukee County residence in need of disability assistance
  • And many more reforms, all while saving Milwaukee County taxpayers millions of dollars.

It’s time for the Milwaukee County Board to start putting people before politics.  Milwaukee’s most vulnerable citizens shouldn’t be the victims of the County Board’s political payback.

Call your county board supervisor at 414-278-4222 and tell them to do the RIGHT thing and support the reappointment of Hector Colon.