Milwaukee County needs dedicated funding to help transit!

In the proposed 2017 budget, County Executive Chris Abele recommended a county-wide vehicle registration fee that would provide funding for various transit projects in Milwaukee County as well as fix some of the County’s damaged highways and roads.

The idea has been met with resistance, but we need to take a step back and look at the benefits of the registration fee.  For $5 a month, Milwaukee County will be able to begin fixing damaged roads, pay for new MCTS buses to get people to work and school, and significantly reduce the county’s reliance on borrowing.  

It will allow us to start spending taxpayer dollars on things that we need instead of creating more debt. 

County Supervisors like Theo Lipscomb Sr. understand that the vehicle registration fee is Milwaukee’s only choice to start fixing our roads and sustain the county transit budget. 

Theo VRF Facebook Post.png

Call Theo Lipscomb and Chris Abele and thank them for supporting the vehicle registration fee and then call YOUR County Supervisor at 414-278-4222 and tell them that Milwaukee County need dedicated funding to help transit!