Supervisor Taylor, what are your priorities?

In his monthly newsletter to his constituents, Supervisor Steve Taylor (District 9) has claimed that he is committed to improving the infrastructure of his district on multiple occasions. In fact, he has stated that better infrastructure in the 9th District is his top priority. However, when a budget was brought to him this fall that focused on allocating funds to multiple infrastructure projects in District 9, he voted against it.

Projects that would have benefited from the budget that Steve Taylor voted against included the Whitnall Park Bridge, West Ryan Rd, and West Rawson Ave.

Earlier this year, after voting to deny the funds that would fulfill his promise of improving infrastructure in his district, Supervisor Taylor voted yes on a resolution that would allocate over $400,000 to funding various performing arts groups.

It’s time for career politicians on the Milwaukee County Board like Steve Taylor to start being held accountable for their voting records…

Call Steve Taylor today and tell him that his votes speak louder than his words!

Steve Taylor Priorities Graphic