State Senator Chris Larson needs to put children before politics!

Copy of Larson Mailer Draft 8 6.16.17

Last week, the Department of Public Instruction and a bi-partisan group of State Senators passed a bill to increase accountability for voucher schools in Wisconsin.

This bi-partisan bill would allow for:

  • Required background checks for all employees at choice schools.
  • Increased financial accountability requirements so the state can recover taxpayer funds from schools that close during the school year.
  • Increased authority for the Department of Public Instruction to punish or expel schools who make financial misrepresentations.
  • A change in the financing mechanism for the special needs scholarship program so that public schools receive more funding.

28 other Democrat and Republican State Senators voted to increase accountability and enhance efficiency in the choice program.  However, private school graduate Chris Larson voted against the reforms.

Chris Larson wants his way or no way.  He’d rather play political games  than help Wisconsin’s children.

Call Chris Larson today at 608-266-7505 and tell him to stop worrying about politics and start worrying about our kids!