State Senator Chris Larson needs to put children before politics!

Copy of Larson Mailer Draft 8 6.16.17

Last week, the Department of Public Instruction and a bi-partisan group of State Senators passed a bill to increase accountability for voucher schools in Wisconsin.

This bi-partisan bill would allow for:

  • Required background checks for all employees at choice schools.
  • Increased financial accountability requirements so the state can recover taxpayer funds from schools that close during the school year.
  • Increased authority for the Department of Public Instruction to punish or expel schools who make financial misrepresentations.
  • A change in the financing mechanism for the special needs scholarship program so that public schools receive more funding.

28 other Democrat and Republican State Senators voted to increase accountability and enhance efficiency in the choice program.  However, private school graduate Chris Larson voted against the reforms.

Chris Larson wants his way or no way.  He’d rather play political games  than help Wisconsin’s children.

Call Chris Larson today at 608-266-7505 and tell him to stop worrying about politics and start worrying about our kids!

We need to keep our talent in Milwaukee County!


Theo Lipscomb’s Milwaukee County Board was warned last week that if they passed a resolution cutting the salaries of county administrators, Milwaukee County’s talented employees would leave for the private sector. It did not even take a week for this resolution to result in the loss of one of Milwaukee County’s great public servants, Hector Colon. Lipscomb’s County Board should be making policy to keep talented people working in government, not to push them out.

Thank you Director Colón!

Health and Human Services Director Héctor Colón served Milwaukee County tirelessly for 6 years. Due to his efforts, thousands of Milwaukee County residents are able to live better lives. As a champion boxer, community leader, and public servant, director Colón has dedicated his life to helping the people of Milwaukee County.


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Supervisor Taylor, what are your priorities?

In his monthly newsletter to his constituents, Supervisor Steve Taylor (District 9) has claimed that he is committed to improving the infrastructure of his district on multiple occasions. In fact, he has stated that better infrastructure in the 9th District is his top priority. However, when a budget was brought to him this fall that focused on allocating funds to multiple infrastructure projects in District 9, he voted against it.

Projects that would have benefited from the budget that Steve Taylor voted against included the Whitnall Park Bridge, West Ryan Rd, and West Rawson Ave.

Earlier this year, after voting to deny the funds that would fulfill his promise of improving infrastructure in his district, Supervisor Taylor voted yes on a resolution that would allocate over $400,000 to funding various performing arts groups.

It’s time for career politicians on the Milwaukee County Board like Steve Taylor to start being held accountable for their voting records…

Call Steve Taylor today and tell him that his votes speak louder than his words!

Steve Taylor Priorities Graphic



Milwaukee County needs juvenile centers to house our youth, but Peggy West refuses to support them.

In January, the Director of Health and Human Services asked the County Board for authorization to move forward on the purchase of a service contract to provide two new juvenile homes in Milwaukee County and funding for a Youth Employment program which provides young citizens with specialized skill training and jobs.

These juveniles homes are necessary to keep kids awaiting trial out of pricey detention centers outside of Milwaukee. They will give our youths the opportunity to stay in their community and the budget for these homes has already been allocated. So why is Supervisor Peggy West opposing their construction?

In board meetings, West claims that “she is in full support” of the idea, yet she has voted “no” on its adoption twice. She states that there hasn’t been enough community outreach to the neighborhoods where the shelters will be built. This is simply untrue. According to an update sent to the Board of Supervisors from Héctor Colón, the Director of the Department of Health and Human Services, there has been significant community outreach.

Outreach staff conducted community meetings for citizens to voice their questions and concerns. The staff also went door-to-door in the neighborhood and informed community members of the upcoming change. Of those surveyed, 74% are in support of the shelters, and 0% are opposed.

These facts obviously discredit Peggy West’s invalid claims, and prove that she is trying to delay a motion that would provide safe homes for Milwaukee youths in our community, rather than send them off to distant detention centers.

Call the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors at 414-278-4222 to express your support for the juvenile shelters, and to tell Supervisor West to keep our kids in our community!”

Milwaukee County needs dedicated funding to help transit!

In the proposed 2017 budget, County Executive Chris Abele recommended a county-wide vehicle registration fee that would provide funding for various transit projects in Milwaukee County as well as fix some of the County’s damaged highways and roads.

The idea has been met with resistance, but we need to take a step back and look at the benefits of the registration fee.  For $5 a month, Milwaukee County will be able to begin fixing damaged roads, pay for new MCTS buses to get people to work and school, and significantly reduce the county’s reliance on borrowing.  

It will allow us to start spending taxpayer dollars on things that we need instead of creating more debt. 

County Supervisors like Theo Lipscomb Sr. understand that the vehicle registration fee is Milwaukee’s only choice to start fixing our roads and sustain the county transit budget. 

Theo VRF Facebook Post.png

Call Theo Lipscomb and Chris Abele and thank them for supporting the vehicle registration fee and then call YOUR County Supervisor at 414-278-4222 and tell them that Milwaukee County need dedicated funding to help transit!

Mayor Tom Barrett, County Exec. Chris Abele, Executive Director Kevin Shafer and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel all agree: it’s time to tear down the dam.

Thank you to Mayor Tom Barrett, County Executive Chris Abele, and Milwaukee Sewerage District Executive Director Kevin Shafer for putting together a plan that will save Milwaukee County taxpayers millions of dollars and finally tear down the Estabrook dam.

The proposed plan will keep taxpayers from being on the hook for an estimated $8.1 million in repairs over the next 20 years.

Despite the obvious benefits of enacting this plan, County Board Supervisors like Theo Lipscomb are still opposed to the demolition of the dam.  Call Theo Lipscomb at 414-278-4280 and tell him it’s time to tear down the Estabrook dam.

Officials hatch plan to demolish Estabrook damMilwaukee Journal Sentinel, October 3rd, 2016

End-run to remove Estabrook dam worth the effortMilwaukee Journal Sentinel, October 4th, 2016