Who is Steve Taylor really working for?

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Everyone agrees—our politicians shouldn’t be for sale.  However, multiple members of the Milwaukee County board are supplementing their income by selling their political “expertise”.

Supervisor Steve Taylor’s (District 9) website, www.stevetaylorllc.com, lists a range of services that are available to prospective clients for a “negotiable fee.”  Oddly, many of these are similar the services that his constituents elected him perform – and our County’s taxpayers pay him to do.

These include government affairs, according to Steve Taylor, he has:

“firsthand experience the challenging processes that developers and corporations have to wade through in order to get much-needed government approvals in areas such as: zoning, construction permits, tax credits, tax incremental financing, minority set-asides, neighborhood concerns, brownfield development, land use, environmental impact, property values, and virtually all other areas involved in the intersection between business and government.”

It must be hard for Supervisor Taylor to serve in the best interest of the public when according to his website, “You can rely on Steve to represent your interests diligently” for a negotiable fee.

Conflicts of interest abound. And so does a clear appearance of impropriety.

This is just the latest example of Milwaukee County Supervisors putting politics above serving the people of Milwaukee County.  Unfortunately, this isn’t surprising considering Supervisors like Steve Taylor are getting paid to do so.

Call Supervisor Taylor at 414-278-4267 and tell him it’s time to stop mixing his private benefits with his public responsibilities and start doing his job.

We wrote up a little bit more about Supervisor Taylor’s LLC, check it out here.

Pass your smell test?

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Not ours either..

Elected officials like Supervisor Steve Taylor should not be working as paid political operatives in their spare time.  When our politicians are paid to do outside political work, it is impossible for their constituents to know who they’re actually working for.

The appearance of impropriety should be clear to anyone paying attention.

Moreover, Milwaukee County’s Ethic’s Code expressly forbids County Board members from having any personal or economic interest in decisions and policies of the County.

We know that Mr. Taylor has repeatedly broken the Ethic’s Code for soliciting county contractors for campaign help in the past. This conduct should stop. However, it looks like his “consultancy” plans to ratchet up his appearance of impropriety.

According to his website, Steve Taylor has experience “breaking through roadblocks, speeding up timelines and getting the job done.”

Mr. Taylor also claims he has the “connections to get the job done.”

We are concerned that Mr. Taylor is mixing his sworn duties as an elected official with what he is offering private clients. Who, after all, are his client’s hiring – Steve Taylor the County Supervisor and Franklin Alderman, or his alter-ego the “consultant?”

Demonstrating this point, Mr. Taylor’s consultancy website features the exact same picture found on his Milwaukee County page.

The website states that Steve’s services can be bought for a negotiable hourly, retainer, or project-based fee. Last time we checked, Milwaukee County’s taxpayers already pay supervisor Taylor a retainer of $24,285 dollars a year, why hasn’t he been working for them?

Call Steve Taylor at 414-278-4267 and tell him Milwaukee County will not stand for conduct that creates an such a clear appearance of impropriety.

You can check out Steve’s website here:  http://stevetaylorllc.com/services/


Supervisor Taylor, what are your priorities?

In his monthly newsletter to his constituents, Supervisor Steve Taylor (District 9) has claimed that he is committed to improving the infrastructure of his district on multiple occasions. In fact, he has stated that better infrastructure in the 9th District is his top priority. However, when a budget was brought to him this fall that focused on allocating funds to multiple infrastructure projects in District 9, he voted against it.

Projects that would have benefited from the budget that Steve Taylor voted against included the Whitnall Park Bridge, West Ryan Rd, and West Rawson Ave.

Earlier this year, after voting to deny the funds that would fulfill his promise of improving infrastructure in his district, Supervisor Taylor voted yes on a resolution that would allocate over $400,000 to funding various performing arts groups.

It’s time for career politicians on the Milwaukee County Board like Steve Taylor to start being held accountable for their voting records…

Call Steve Taylor today and tell him that his votes speak louder than his words!

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