Further Reading

We at Milwaukee Works, Inc. like to keep up on what’s new in Milwaukee and other urban areas’ political, economic, and social situations. We’ve curated some of what we’re reading and will post them here periodically.

ABODO co-founder and CEO explains why he is keeping his startup in Wisconsin

Wisconsin needs more entrepreneurs like Alec Slocum, he is dedicated to keeping his company here in our state; in this article he explains why.  Wisconsin policy makers should be doing everything possible to make it easier for hard-working people like Alec to stay right here in Wisconsin.

Journal Sentinel reports that Wisconsin ranks last in the United States for startup activity

For the second year in a row, Wisconsin received a dismally low ranking in a study measuring nationwide startup activity.  The Milwaukee area was ranked second to last nationally among metropolitan areas. It is time to look at some of our policies and find a way to get our growth back on track with the rest of the county.

David Ignatius cites Fukuyama’s theory of “political decay” in Washington Post

This is an intriguing explanation on how American institutions (like the Milwaukee County Board) have fallen into disrepair due to their capture by special interests. Ignatius uses the theory to explain the rise of Donald Trump.

Bruce Murphy revisits the County Board Pension Scandal – and the local Milwaukee pols still profiting from it (spoiler- it includes mentions of Alderman Tony Zielinski)

The pension backdrop scandal was impetus to Scott Walker’s political ascent. Bruce Murphy, who originally broke the scandal story, revisits the topic and exposes those still benefiting from it.

Robert Caro interview in Gothamist 

We think The Power Broker is an incredibly important book on urban power and its discontents. This retrospective interview with the author, Robert Caro, is an enjoyable read. 

John Torinus on Oscar Mayer and Wisconsin’s business climate and economy.

We agree with Torinus that “would it not be better to take that $50 million (given to an incumbent company) and, at $500,000 apiece, start 100 new high growth companies that could become the next Quad or Epic?”

Dr. Thompson on Wisconsin’s Democratic Party

We enjoyed reading Dr. Bruce Thompson’s recent review of local and national trends affecting the Democratic Party.